Winter is fast approaching and that means so is the flu season! Flu jabs are available now and you can book in for yours at your local Medvacc clinic! Flu vaccines help you and your whanau to stay protected against the flu by preventing spread of the virus.

Every year the flu virus changes which is why the flu vaccines are seasonal, as the strains in the flu vaccines also change to keep up with the evolving virus. This is why it is important you get your flu jab each year so that you can stay most protected against the flu and prevent infection.

When you get vaccinated your immune system produces antibodies to protect you from the viruses included in the vaccine, and these antibodies may decline over time which is another reason as to why you need to get it every year.

We are likely to see an increase of influenza spreading in our communities this year due to the opening of New Zealand borders. Getting your flu vaccine is your best defence against influenza, especially for those at higher risk of getting sick including those over 65, pregnant or with certain health conditions such as diabetes.

If you would like to book, please email