We make workplace vaccinations accessible and we make it easy. We come to your place of work and can accommodate the needs of your business and staff.

Our Medvacc team members are trained, professional and will make sure you are well looked after. 



Influenza Vaccinations

It would be easy to assume that all Flu Vaccination programs are the same but with Medvacc not only do you receive a quality provider that is professional, qualified and knowledgeable, but you are also receiving a dedicated team that truly cares. We work with you to provide and accommodate the needs of your business. No matter how big or small, we can make something happen for you.

The flu vaccination can help keep your workplace healthy and safe.

Why is it important to protect your entire organisation next flu season?

  • Avoid loss of productivity
  • Continue working efficiently over winter without missing deadlines
  • Uninterrupted customer service
  • Staff retention
  • Helps to protect not only the vaccinated but also the people around the individual

Early vaccination is important to ensure staff are protected.




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